Archbold Northside Center for Behavioral & Psychiatric Care
    Job Description


    Provide therapeutic services to adolescents, adults and geriatric patients

    Responsible for conducting assessments

    Responsible for case management

    Responsible for providing individual and group therapy sessions

    Responsible for documentation and quality assurance activities

    Responsible for telephone referrals and crisis calls

    Perform insurance and third party processes



    Master’s Degree

    Must be licensed or have fulfilled all requirements and be eligible for licensure

    High degree of knowledge of adolescent and adult patient’s in the outpatient setting

    Advanced skills in several therapeutic modalities including individual, family, group/activity therapy, and psychosocial training

    Excellent knowledge of psychotropic medications, therapeutic actions, and side effects

    Exceptional ability to communicate effectively, establish rapport, and demonstrate empathy

    High degree of ability in assessment, treatment planning, coordinating services, clinical record keeping, writing concise reports

    PRNAs Neededflexible

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