• Admin Assistant

    Thomas Grady Service Center
    Job Description
    General Nature of work: Prepares & submits Medicaid billing weekly to billing clerk, along with State Funded billing monthly and Family Support Billing Monthly. Supervises Billing Clerk.  Point of contact for GSA Contract (FEMA) and Source America. Oversees other outside contracts (SWSH, DFCS, Coolidge, TGSC). Ensures adequate supervisor coverage and crew coverage. Orders supplies. Supervise Full-time & part-time staff assigned to contract work. Bills GSA services monthly. Completes quarterly (ERS and QER) and yearly reports (Registration and DUNS). Create & negotiate contracts (State, Federal and/or community) compatible to participants in program. Create and negotiate specialize employment opportunities for participants in program. Other duties include: THERAP Administrator, Safety Committee Chair, Transportation Coordinator and ordering SMS supplies.   
    Minimum Qualifications:   Associate’s degree from an accredited college or University OR Two years or related experience.
    Preferred Qualifications:  Must be able to create and maintain excel spreadsheets and be extremely detailed orientated.  
    Other Desired Qualifications Applicable to this position: 
    ( x )         A pre-employment physical may be required for appointment to position.      
    ( x )         A pre-employment PPD Tuberculin Skin Test will be required at the applicant’s expense prior to appointment to position.
    ( x )         An FBI Criminal History Record Check is required prior to appointment to position.
    ( x )        Pre-employment drug testing is required for appointment to position.
    ( x )         Males between l8 and 26 years of age will be required to present proof of having registered with the Selective
                   Services System as required by federal law or of being exempt from such registration.
    ( x )         An official transcript may be required from the college that granted your hours and/or degree.  The transcript
                   (Primary Source) will need to be furnished to the Human Resource Department.
    ( x )         A current Motor Vehicle Report for the last seven years is required at the applicant’s expense prior to reporting to work.
    ( x )         Proof of Employment Eligibility is required for appointment to position. (See list of eligible documents on Form I-9 at www.dhs.gov )
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