• Financial Ops Gen 1

    Thomas Grady Service Center
    Job Description
    General Nature of Work:  Balances & reconciles accounting records, statements, journal, ledgers or reports. Collects fees or revenues, disburses payments and posts to appropriate accounts. Compiles & maintains records & files. May analyze financial reports to assess compliance. May compile & prepare standard accounting reports. Monitors individual department budgets or expenditures, & identifies budget variances. Prepares requested materials for audits of financial data or records. Processes or records financial transactions such as accounts payable, payroll, invoices, or requisitions in a ledger or computer system. Provides information or interpretation to third parties such as banks, auditors, vendors and governmental entities.
    Qualifications:  Associate AS Degree in a business curriculum or related field or two years of experience performing accounting and/or fiscal control functions.
    Other Desired Qualifications Applicable to this Position: Ability to use appropriate software (e.g. MS Office), skills in basic office administrative tasks (filing, etc.). 
    ( x )         A pre-employment physical may be required for appointment to position.      
    ( x )         A pre-employment PPD Tuberculin Skin Test will be required at the applicant’s expense prior to appointment to position.
    ( x )         An FBI Criminal History Record Check is required prior to appointment to position.
    ( x )        Pre-employment drug testing is required for appointment to position.
    ( x )         Males between l8 and 26 years of age will be required to present proof of having registered with the Selective
                   Services System as required by federal law or of being exempt from such registration.
    ( x )         An official transcript may be required from the college that granted your hours and/or degree.  The transcript
                   (Primary Source) will need to be furnished to the Human Resource Department.
    ( x )         A current Motor Vehicle Report for the last seven years is required at the applicant’s expense prior to reporting to work.
    ( x )         Proof of Employment Eligibility is required for appointment to position. (See list of eligible documents on Form I-9 at www.dhs.gov )
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