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    Our business began 15 years ago to store hard copy records at a time when clients were adding 12% more records to their inventories than they had the year before.  Now numerous clients have begun producing more records digitally.  Yet, they still have paper. 
    For many, document management and the looming task of dealing with records is like a bug.  Because you see the “bug” or the clutter of paper, you are probably tempted to deal with what you can see.  However, only killing the one bug or one stack of papers, doesn’t solve the problem.  You need a strategy for how to “exterminate” all papers efficiently. 

    Secure Records Solutions holds ribbon cutting in Tifton. 
    So, we’ve developed three strategies for cost-effectively eliminating paper to reduce risk and expense in your business. 
    1. Know What You Have: If you are unable to identify what you have, how can you make any decisions or plans?  Many businesses often do not know what are in the files they are storing, or they have become so unorganized they no longer can find anything.  The first strategy is to determine what you have.  Establish what is in your files.  We call this process indexing.  We provide our clients with an “index” of their records, so they know exactly what they have. 
    1. Manage Retention: Once you know what you have, you can make informed decisions about what to keep and what to destroy.  Destroying what can be destroyed saves you and your business from hidden costs.  The biggest is extending storage instead of minimizing it, which not only costs you space but unnecessary liabilities.   The final part of managing retention is simply that, managing.  Take time to design a process or a system for how to manage it going forward.  Otherwise, you will end up behind on destruction again.  
    1. Scanning:  If you know what you have and have destroyed what you can, that must mean you scan everything else right?  Not quite.  In our digital world, most of us can agree that we would prefer working without the clutter of paper, but when and how things are scanned makes all the difference in the cost of your digital existence.  First, where?  You must have a place for scans to go (software, server, etc.) otherwise you are wasting money.  Second, what and why are you scanning?  Are you scanning to eliminate paper, or to serve a specific purpose?  95% of your records will never be needed – why pay $200/box to convert a physical problem into a digital one?  Third, who and when is the scanning happening?  We often follow documents within organizations that are scanned multiple times throughout their life.  You need a workflow plan for how documents are treated. 
    SRS is proud to offer an option for onsite shredding. Contact them today to book their Shred Truck!

    If you’re not sure where to start with the three strategies or don’t have the resources to implement them, consider outsourcing.  When you bring in Secure Records Solutions, our team takes the heavy administrative burden off of your staff allowing you to focus on what you do best while we handle the rest.  We have customized thousands of projects of various sizes in numerous industries, specifically Healthcare, Finance, Legal, Staffing/Human Resources, Insurance, and Logistics.  In all things, we are dedicated to improving the lives of others. We are here to solve your document management problems and create the best solution specific to your needs. 

    Secure Records Solutions being recognixed by the Chamber as Business of th Month in August 2016. 
    Contact Information:
    Chief Problem Solver: Christopher Jones
    Secure Records Solutions
    (229) 226-0414 | (850) 656-6900
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