• New Year, New You Again? Widening the Net on New Year’s Resolutions

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    January is a month of planning and forging into the new year with creating a better you in mind. A healthy lifestyle and saving money are commendable goals but I say in 2019 let’s aim higher. Let’s focus on the professional you and see how that can change your personal life. Maybe you feel stuck in your current role or you have carried a passion for something else but haven’t been brave enough to pursue it. This year is your time to reach your professional potential.
    Identify and Strategize
    What is your one passion? Maybe it’s time to set aside what you’re supposed to be doing and follow your ambition. Do you almost love where you are now? Maybe you’re already doing what you love but the job isn’t fulfilling or you’re ready to expand. This is your year! Take time to start your own business, ask for that promotion, or switch companies. Create a vision board for what you want in your life and for yourself. What did you include that you don’t yet have? Thomasville has seen an influx of business and jobs in the past and you could be a part of that success.
    Making big business moves can be risky so come up with a solid plan. Make sure you’re making moves that are right for you and your family. Write and review your business plan. Use your resources and ask questions. Make sure you’re setting realistic goals and deadlines. If you’re in a career you love but a job that leaves something to be desired you can change that. Make sure you’re actually the Rockstar at work that you think you are. Approach management to sit down for an evaluation, what tasks can you take on to make your work fulfilling, what areas do you need to improve on to earn that promotion. Audit your business what worked in 2018 and what didn’t.
    Many people have given up on their resolutions by Easter but to make major changes you need to be resilient. Try to create some accountability for achieving your milestones. Use your family, friends, and colleagues to help you through this process. Reward yourself for each short-term target you hit because its all a part of the bigger picture.
    In real life, change can be slow. You might want to start a business but you aren’t quite ready so use this year to get ready. Writing a business plan, organizing your finances, and researching your market aren’t glamorous tasks but they’re necessary and take time. If you need time to prove to management, you’re ready for more work responsibilities. You could be waiting on a long-time supervisor to retire later this year. This could be the opportunity for development seminars and workshops or continuing your education. Show your investors that you are serious about your business development and you will be a good steward of their support. Be prepared for obstacles and overcome those hurtles.
    Seize the Day
    Start your race this year and that brings you closer to your finish line. Identify your goals. Make realistic deadlines and create a system of accountability. Focus on your journey and embrace every opportunity you come across. The decisions you make this year could have you reaching new professional heights in 2020. Success is right around the corner you just have to keep moving forward with intent.
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