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MEET Suzannah Heald, Office Manager Extraordinaire (that’s fancy talk for her being really, really good at what she does for you and your business) of your Thomasville-Thomas County Chamber of Commerce.


Once you become a Chamber Member you’ll probably end up talking with Suzannah from time to time. And this is good for anyone’s business health. Suzannah is your Chamber’s Office Manager and oh, so much more. She’s originally from Thomas County (aren’t all great people?), but it took a Suzannah-style “European Vacation” for her to realize that actually all roads do not necessarily lead to Rome. Nope, in her case, all roads led her right back to Thomasville-Thomas County!


And we couldn’t be happier that they did and soon you’ll feel the same way. When not being the “glue” that holds the office together, she is also pursuing her dream of becoming an incredibly successful small-business entrepreneur. Step one: She’s enrolled at Southern Regional Technical College, majoring in, what else? Business, of course!


When not serving our Chamber members or getting more “inside business scoop” to even better serve members like you, Suzannah can be seen spending time with the other loves of her life, husband Andy and son Kealon.



In fact, rumor has it that it was actually Andy, her Thomas County Central High School sweetheart that shortened her European travels and returned her home to Thomas County. While this is probably (okay, actually) true, we’d still like to think that we at the Thomasville-Thomas County Chamber had something to do with her decision as well.


And now that Suzannah is here at your Chamber she has truly found her calling.


Thanks Andy for bringing her back home to Thomasville-Thomas County to stay!


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Photos taken by Clay Byars | 2015 Tri-B Studio | 229 977-4615

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