Special Events Committee


Because even Superheroes need helpful sidekicks from time to time, we would be lost (really lost) without our tireless helpers on the very aptly named Special Events Committee.


Quick, What is even more important than knowing the weather forecast for busy business people?


Yep, it’s getting a very accurate and informed Economic Forecast. One of our more popular and indispensable events, is organized by this Committee. Leave the house without your umbrella, but don‘t even think about navigating the business climate without your Chamber Economic Forecast.


So, how much do we hear for this very special committee that runs your Chamber Auction every year?  Sorry, we’d have to start the bids at priceless.


In addition, this Committee organizes your annual Chamber Awards night. An event so special that it makes the folks at the Oscar Awards Show a bit jealous. And well, they should be.


Finally, like Kryptonite to boredom, your Special Events Committee tackles whatever it takes to provide above and beyond service to all Chamber Members.


We told you it was a Special Committee!

Photos taken by Clay Byars | 2015 Tri-B Studio | 229 977-4615

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