Ribbon Cutting
Ribbon Cutting


Would you go to your boss and say that it's high time you deserve a raise and a lot of advocacy?


Of course not, silly. Your boss would say " I can't give you that kind of promotion."


But we sure can, and do, every day on behalf of all our members.


You see, to advocate is literally to call out or promote something on the behalf of another.


And that's exactly what we do.


We promote or advocate your interests in front of state or local lawmakers and policymakers as well as interest groups and associations whose decisions can impact your business.


Whether it's making calls, sending e-mails, attending meetings, having face-to-face meetings, holding special receptions or even using our superhero telepathic powers (okay, maybe we are exaggerating about the emails) we keep you in the know at all times.


So, go ahead and take that raise and leave the advocacy to us.

Photos taken by Clay Byars | 2015 Tri-B Studio | 229 977-4615

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